Protect yourself, your workers, and your customers during the pandemic

Since the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic, we have had to come to terms with the present reality of a national shutdown and social distancing. This momentous crisis has been incredibly tricky to deal with. Still, it has been amazing and inspiring to see how most of the nation has responded. America has so far proved to be financially and emotionally resilient, despite suffering through the loss of many jobs and lives.

Everyone impacted is working hard to stay safe while trying to figure out how to pay the bills. As the lockdown slowly starts to unwind, we need to think about how we can best adapt, continue to protect ourselves, and function close to our pre-corona levels.

Although it may be a challenge to come back into the working-world and be conscious of social distancing, there is one tool you can leverage to make your come-back better than before. That tool is the SendWork app. This App was designed to enable remote work featuring digital payments, estimates, invoicing, communications, and employee tracking.

For customers managing their contractors

You may be holed up at home, you may still have routine maintenance work and repairs to contend within your second home or rental properties. Everyday work such as cleaning, gardening, pool maintenance, as well as possibly unexpected plumbing, electrical, and other miscellaneous handywork, may need to be dealt with. That is where the SendWork app for customers can help. It is free to download and use. Simply add your existing contractors, and a request will be sent to your worker inviting them to connect with you on the app.

Once you have connected with a worker, you can voice, video, and live chat as well as book appointments with the benefit of synced calendar features. You will get notified when the worker is on their way to the work location, as well as when they have started and finished. This can help you calculate the payments due when paying by the hour. Or it may help you organize your day since you can get a sense of the timeline to prepare for their arrival.

The key is you can capture all communications, book, and pay multiple providers from one App! We want to help you declutter your homes and declutter your phones.

For contractors managing other contractors, employees, and customers

Social distancing for the moment has become the norm for the foreseeable future. Handling cash or having face-to-face contact where possible should be avoided during these uncertain times. For this reason, SendWork is even more of an invaluable tool in the remote workers arsenal.

Safety and convenience are at the top of everyone’s mind in this climate. Your customers will appreciate receiving estimates and invoices remotely, plus the ability to pay those invoices with minimal hassle within the App. Meanwhile, you, your subcontractors and your employees will appreciate getting paid both remotely and instantly. The added advantage of routing your work through the SendWork app is in linking payment options like Cash app, Venmo, Zelle, Paypal, wire, and ACH to the invoices. Using remote card payments reduces the need to come into physical contact with clients, ultimately reducing exposure and risk from COVID-19.

In a post-pandemic world, work will require flexibility. Things like being able to interview for a job via a video conference or, and being available to receive on-demand work from potential new customers without meeting in person all adds to the new environment we find ourselves in.

Just like zoom enables remote conference meetings for traditionally in-office workers that have been forced to work from home, SendWork is working to bring tools that facilitate remote work to workers that traditionally work in-the-field. SendWork finds itself at the forefront of this and will continue its efforts to help make this transition successful for those in this arena.

We wish everyone the very best and salute all the frontline workers such as first responders and doctors, nurses, delivery personnel and cashiers and offer our utter and upmost respect. Stay safe!