Make Your Spring Cleaning Easier Than Ever Before

Spring cleaning. It’s an annual rite of passage. It’s the time when we open our houses, flush out the accumulated funk of fall and winter, and revitalize ourselves just in time for summer. And while a good spring clean makes you feel wonderful after the fact, it means more work for you in order to get that extra level of clean. So just what should be on your spring cleaning to-do list?

Get Those Hard-To-Reach Places

When you’re sweeping, vacuuming, or mopping it’s time to really get those places you conveniently forget about most of the time. You know, like under the furniture, in the corners, or even under appliances. You’d be surprised what sort of dust and grime hides in these hard-to-reach spots you’ll only get clean if you go that extra mile.

Dust (Everything)

Dust is everywhere. And most of the time you dust well enough that everything looks clean, right? But if you look closer you’ll see a thin gray layer in all of those less obvious places. And let’s face it, dust gets everywhere. You’ll find it on the ceiling fan, behind the books on the shelves, in the crevices of your electronics, and under the couch. It seems like a never-ending battle but when you finally do finish your home will look (and smell) so much better!

Spring Clean with a Deep Clean

Heavy use rooms like the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom require extra attention that most of us just don’t have time for on a regular basis. Sure, we tidy up after cooking a meal and give the shower stall a good once over regularly but when you get right down to it we all miss trouble spots. When was the last time you moved your fridge? How about cleaning the underside of the toilet? Vacuuming the HVAC vents in your bedroom? Spring cleaning is the perfect time to give your house a good deep cleaning.


It’s time to let that spring sunshine in but are your windows doing the job? It’s not enough to just get the inside. You need to clean the outside as well and that can be a little tricky. Ladders and buckets and hoses—oh my!

The Patio

Don’t neglect the outdoor entertaining areas in your home either. The deck, patio, or porch could use a good going over as well. After all, you will be spending quite a bit of time out here with family and friends in the coming months. You want to makes just as good an impression outdoors as you do in!

SendWork Makes Spring Cleaning Easy

If all of that sounds like a lot of work . . . it is. But fortunately there’s an App for that. SendWork lets you connect with experienced professional cleaners who are available when you need them. That’s great for you because you can bring in a professional to do the heavy duty spring cleaning your home really needs to look its best.

You can choose from our basic package options which are great for everyday cleanings. We offer multiple options depending on the size of your home and offer optional a la carte services such as laundry and ironing as well. But if you’ve got a special project in mind (like deep cleaning one of the trouble spots in your home) you can hire our cleaners for a detailed clean at just $26 per hour (with a minimum commitment of just 3 hours). That gives you the time and the flexibility to do what you need to do while your house still gets that good deep clean.

And the quicker the job gets done, the more time you can spend actually enjoying the good weather in Miami before the heat of the summer really kicks in.

Find out how easy spring cleaning can actually be. Download the SendWork App today