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Staffing Agencies

SendWork is a powerful staffing agency software management App. It can be used to help staffing agencies manage employees and third-party individuals who may be working for them. You get powerful professional-grade GPS tracking and scheduling software solutions that are easy to use and affordable.

You can use SendWork’s software to augment or completely replace your existing management software suite. Indeed, we’ve custom-crafted SendWork to be simple enough for everyone to use but powerful enough for small, medium and large businesses.

Staffing Agencies

Track your Agency Staff

The SendWork Provider App can be put to solid use by any staffing agency managers who needs an effective tool to make their job easier. Indeed, SendWork makes a great management tool for staffing agencies in general because it is an in-your-pocket mobile solution that allows users to:

  • Schedule multiple jobs for agency staff with ease
  • Track all agency staff locations at the same time, as well as each individual staffers, schedule separately
  • Communicate directly, accurately and effectively without delays
  • Quickly and accurately capture time-tracking and billable hours information automatically
  • Invoice clients directly and accept payment in multiple forms

And staffing agencies can add any worker or employee into their SendWork network—all the staffer has to do is download the App!

Plus, SendWork allows you to use whatever tools we offer individually so you can keep the systems you have in place and use SendWork to augment your productivity. For example, if you already have scheduling software you love, you can still use SendWork to track employees and staffers in the field. If you need an easy way to track time and create invoices but don’t need the communication suite, SendWork can help you there as well.

Multiple Plans for Businesses Large and Small

SendWork offers a 30-day free trial with two subscription plans. The Independent Contractor plan for $19.99 per month or, the Contractor Business Pro plan for $39.99 per month so you can tailor your investment to your needs.

The best way to see what SendWork can do for you is to give it a try. Download the free App today and watch our powerful time tracking, remote staffing management, and administration scheduling software in action.

Staffing Agency Company

Powerful Software Anyone Can Use

SendWork was built to help existing staffing agencies to track, manage, schedule and pay temp staff, workers or employees with ease from inside or outside the office environment.

Two of the most powerful tools we’ve built into the SendWork system are:

  • The time/location tracking suite
  • The comprehensive communications package
  • En-route, Clock on and Clock off working hours to be billed

Our time tracking system includes:

  • Comprehensive scheduling software—to help plan days, weeks, or months in advance
  • Automated appointment reminders (with push notifications)—to eliminate scheduling mix-ups
  • Accurate time tracking with the option to allow clients to clock third-party workers in—to ensure accurate billing
  • GPS locations services—to allow clients and employers to know at a glance where contractors and employees are

This system gives staffing agencies the peace of mind of knowing where their temp staff, workers or employees are at any given moment and clients the assurance that they’re only paying for time when work was actually being done.

Our communication package includes integrated:

  • Instant Messaging with Instantaneous Bilingual (Spanish-to-English/English-to-Spanish) Translation
  • Voice Chat
  • Video Calling

This suite allows all parties involved to stay in touch at a moment’s notice without having to rely on spotty phone conversations and emailing.