The Importance of Good Feedback

When you’re in business for yourself (either as a business owner or a freelance contract worker) your clients are your bread and butter. It’s in your best interest to make sure you hit all the right notes with them—get on their good side, so to speak. But it can be impossible to tell if you’ve done that unless they give you feedback. Good feedback is one of the most important tools you can use to build your business better and bigger.

At SendWork we use a feedback system which allows clients an at-a-glance view of how well our freelance workers have performed on past projects. It’s like Yelp! or those other review websites you use to find the best restaurants and movies for date night except ours is contained within our own platform.

Why do we do this?

Feedback is Good For Clients

Feedback ratings give clients peace of mind. They want to know they’re getting the best person for the job and the most bang for their buck. Feedback ratings aren’t foolproof, but they’re the best way to judge whether or not a potential freelancer is going to do what clients need on time and on budget.

Feedback is Great for Freelancers

Our feedback system also allows freelance workers to build they’re business reputation. And reputation is everything! A good feedback history will result in earning more clients and making more money. It’s also hands-free self-promotion and a very powerful marketing tool.

Why is Feedback so Powerful?

Feedback is Honest (Most of the Time)

People leave feedback because they’ve either had a wonderful experience (which is great) or they’ve had a poor one (which is bad). Either way, they’re taking valuable time out of their day to tell others about their experience. This act is important to them and they’re unlikely to lie—though you may come across a few exaggerations.

Feedback is Forever

What goes on the Internet stays on the Internet. Right? A freelancer’s feedback rating is no exception. It stays with them throughout their career. This permanence adds pressure to do the best job possible every time.

Feedback Isn’t a One Way Street

Business-minded freelancers don’t see feedback as being told a one-way conversation. Feedback is an opportunity to grow, revamp the skills you offer, retool your presentation, and get better at whatever it is you do. Feedback comes from clients but it’s what you do with it that’s important.

How to Get Good Feedback

If you’re a freelance worker within the SendWork network, there are a number of things you can do to earn great feedback.

  • Be Punctual—Nobody wants to wait around for a worker to show up. Time is money so treat your client’s with the same respect you would your own.
  • Listen to What They Need—Ensure you understand what’s expected of you. (Leaving a client shortchanged is a great way to earn bad feedback.) If you have questions, ask them. If something they need is beyond the scope of what you do, speak up.
  • Do What They Expect—Simply do what you were hired to do. Everyone knows the unexpected happens and if a snag stops you short just be honest—then go above and beyond to fix it. (Everyone appreciates someone who goes the extra mile.)
  • Be Pleasant—This cannot be understated: a bad attitude is unacceptable—even if you’re having a bad day. Always be courteous and don’t forget to smile! It creates a great first impression.
  • Dress for Success—People form opinions of others within 7 seconds of meeting them. Dress like the professional you want to be and your clients will see you that way.

(These tips are a great way to earn repeat customers. Clients within the SendWork network have the ability to save their favorite freelance workers to an easily accessible list. Get on that list and your name will always be the first one they see when they need something done.)

Don’t fear the feedback. Love the feedback and the feedback will return the favor.