Three Reasons You Should Really Organize Your Home

We all live busy lives. With work, family, and social commitments we often struggle to find time for ourselves (let alone time to take care of our homes the way we should). We may get the dishes and laundry done but how often do you really go deep and organize your home? Have you ever really organized anything? (And if you have, how long did it stay that way?)

But organization is more than just an unnecessary chore. Organizing your home can help you lead a better, more productive and hassle-free life. When you think of the time you spend organizing your home as a positive investment in your life, it’s easier to see why this hated chore becomes essential.

Need a little more convincing before you dig into that walk-in closet or declutter your storage space? Here are three ways in which organizing your home can improve your life.

Organizing Your Home Eliminates Stress

How frustrated do you feel when you’ve misplaced something at home? Say you’re looking for your cellphone or for that bill or invoice you just had yesterday. You feel that annoyance begin to build. You get itchy. Your temper gets short. Frustration takes over everything.

How often does that minor annoyance blossom into anger?

Living in cluttered or disorganized space can create a constant state of frustration—emotional or mental stress that can translate into real physical reactions. Even if you think it doesn’t bother you, your body “senses” the clutter and automatically reacts without you even noticing!

But when you organize your home and put everything in its place, you’ll not only find things without the previously inevitable fits of anger but you’ll sense a sort of calm come over you. Simply knowing that you know where everything is will eliminate the stress and anxiety that used to come with everyday tasks like finding your keys or getting the kids ready for school.

When you live organized, you’ll live happier.

Organizing Your Home Saves You Money
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Organizing Your Home Saves You Time

Organizing your home takes time, sure. But it saves you tons of time in the end. It may take a day or a week to get everything in order and everything where it should be but how much time will you be saving in the long run? How much time do you lose every day searching for that left shoe? Hunting for your cellphone charger? Digging through the closet to find that one blouse you want to wear?

When you can walk into a room and put your hand directly on whatever object you’re looking for, the amount of time you spend searching is cut in half or completely eliminated.

Organizing your home makes everyday tasks like cooking dinner, getting dressed, gathering work papers, and cleaning house so much easier.

Organizing Your Home Saves You Money

They say time is money but sometimes money is money too. When you invest the time to organize your home and your life, you’ll automatically save money. How?

When was the last time you needed something but gave up on looking for it and simply bought a replacement? From lightbulbs to loafers, from favorite sweaters to home office supplies, from kitchen gadgets to yard tools—when you can’t find what you’re looking for, your natural impulse is to simply replace it.

But if you’ve already got what you need at home, you don’t have to.

The trick is keeping everything where it’s supposed to be in order to be able to find it at a moment’s notice. There’s really no need to spend more. Just get organized.

Don’t Have Time to Organize Your Home?

That initial investment of time can be a bit of hurdle to get over. You really don’t have a lot of free time and you don’t want to spend the time you do you sorting through and shifting all of your stuff. But when the benefits of living an organized life outweigh the cost it’s time to get the job done.

SendWork can help make that job easier. You can find and hire a thoroughly vetted and background checked professional who can help you organize your home within minutes. Work side-by-side to get the job done in half the time or have your helper start a project (like the storage room) by themselves so you can concentrate on more important things.

Download our free SendWork App and organize your life today.