Brickell:  Elegant Low-Maintenance Urban Living for Young Professionals

Looking for the Best Neighborhoods Near Miami for Young Professionals?

Miami is the eighth largest metropolitan area in The United States and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors and thousands of new residents every year. They come for the convenience of urban living combined with the blazing Florida sun and miles of sandy beaches. It’s an urban metropolis on the beach and home to some of the wealthiest, most beautiful people in the world.

But Downtown is crowded and Miami Beach is for tourist. Where can young urban professionals really fit in to the grand scheme of things and not feel like they’re awash in Hawaiian shirts or crammed cheek to cheek? Brickell.

Just outside the heart of Miami (but still very close to the action) Brickell is one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in Florida. Part of this amazing growth is because much of Miami’s financial business and banking happens right in the heart of Brickell. Walk down the streets lined with towering offices, banking institutions, and icons of commerce but don’t forget to stop for a latte or pop in to one of the bistros for a gourmet lunch.

One wit even called Brickell “Downton’s ambitious sibling.”

The Best of Both Worlds

All of this wealth has attracted smart developers, retailers, and aggressive real estate agencies. That means that not only has Brickell grown into a fully functional luxury neighborhood but that amazing condos and apartments are within reach for young go-getters with the right resources.

Brickell offers young professionals the perfect blend of convenience and services. It’s close to everything (Downtown, the beach, airports and train hubs) and has everything a successful young person could ever want:  from high-end shopping and boutique eateries and bars to bike/car share services and amazing apartments and condos within walking distance of it all.

Indeed, the 22129, 33130 and 33131 zip codes have seen a massive influx of young people, money, and entrepreneurial verve in recent years transforming a once empty shell of a city into a thriving model for modern urban life. And while the construction boom in Brickell may be starting to show signs of slowing down, the influx has yet to slow.

Living the Lifestyle

Young professionals make money. They have money. And they’re not afraid to spend it. The goal for most wealthy young people is to use that money to enjoy life to its fullest while they can. This means extravagant shopping trips, amazing vacations, nightly dinner and drinks with good friends, and simple, modern homes that are easily maintained and precisely located.

But all this work (and play) doesn’t leave much time for successful young individuals to do much else. The routine necessities of life (house cleaning, ironing and routine maintenance) are all just too time to consume. So why waste time doing these things yourself when you can easily get someone else to do them for you?

Entrepreneurial sorts and freelance workers have spotted the opportunity that exists in Brickell and have moved into the area aggressively. These individuals are willing to provide everything:

  • House cleaning
  • ironing
  • Washing
  • Laundry service
  • Cooking

Pretty much anything a young professional would need to make their lives easier and give them the time they need to enjoy the money they’re making.

Find Professionals Fast & Forget About Chores Forever

SendWork is a unique mobile platform that lets young urban professionals in the Brickell area (and greater Miami) quickly and easily find verified professional service providers—from house cleaners to ironing and in the near future mobile home spa and beauty treatment services. Truly a ‘hotel lifestyle at home’. The service is completely secure (offering quick payment options as well) and uses both background checks and a user-generated feedback system to ensure that only quality service providers make it into the system and stay in the system.

Within minutes you can find someone to wash, clean and iron when the boss says you have to work late, or just to water the plants and dust the shelves while you’re in the Caribbean. These professionals can be hired regularly or on an as-needed basis so you’re never on the hook for services you don’t need

Live that successful Brickell lifestyle you were meant to live. Give SendWork a try and say goodbye to time wasting chores and the hassle of the every day.