One Epic World Cup 2018 Battle for Football Supremacy

Football fans can feel the tension building as the 2018 World Cup rears up on the horizon. This year’s contest between the best of the best features teams from Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Spain, and Russia who will battle it out to the bitter end and claim the trophy for their homeland and countrymen. While the games themselves are taking place in Russia over the course of a month (14 June to 15 July) the fallout will inevitably end up . . . in your living room, den, or media room.

That’s right, just as all of those players leave everything on the field, your football party guests will ultimately leave everything on your floors, your furniture, your countertops, and places you won’t discover for months!

Celebrating World Cup 2018 at Home

Putting Your Life Back In Order (No Matter Who Wins)

When you’re planning a party you think about the snacks, the drinks, the guest list, the new TV (so you catch every detail in stunning 4K). You never think about the dirty dishes piled in the sink, the stains on the carpets and couches, the crumbs ground into the cracks in your hardwood flooring. If you did, you’d probably cancel before it ever began.

It’s a hard truth:  those football parties with all your friends, family, and coworkers will leave your home a mess. And no matter how “intimate” you try to keep your World Cup viewing party, you know your guests are going to invite friends who invite friends who invite friends. Soon you house is full of people you don’t know and about halfway through the game you’re not thinking about goals and bicycle kicks, you’re thinking about the cleanup.

Thankfully there is an easy (and affordable) way to get your home, apartment, or condo back to move-in-ready without you ever having to touch a broom, empty the trash, or load the dishwasher.

Brazilian Fans in Miami

SendWork Scores for the Home Team

SendWork is an On-Demand home cleaning App that instantly puts you contact with professional freelance home cleaners who are ready and willing to work at a moment’s notice. All you have to do is submit a job request and pick the perfect cleaner (or cleaners) for your job. They’ll be at your door when you need them to be and the cleanup will be over before you know it.

Schedule your cleaner days in advance to get your pad perfect before and after the big game or contact them after you’ve seen just what a mess your friends can make. Either way our extensive network of professional home cleaners will give you the detailed clean you need and minimize the post-World Cup recovery effort on your part.

You can even schedule your cleaner to work while you step out to restock the fridge or pop off to work so everything is back in order by the time you walk back through the door!

Got a big mess or a big house? Hire multiple cleaners at the same time to get clean in hurry.

World Cup After Party House Cleaning

Affordable Rates Make Post-Game Clean-Up Easy

Our room-based fixed cleaning rates make choosing the right level of clean easy.

  • 1 bedroom—$69.00
  • 2 bedroom—$86.00
  • 3 bedroom—$99.00

*plus 8% service fee

And if your friends were exceptionally messy, you can hire your professional for a custom clean.

Game time is almost upon us Miami. Schedule your professional in-home cleaners now to avoid the inevitable headache later. Download the SendWork App today! (Available on Android and IOS devices.)


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